Seven: Origin Story


Seven is the protagonist from my personal project who survives through three devastating stages of childhood abandonment in the pursuit of revenge. After a life-threatening mining injury Seven is rebuilt with the help of ex-war engineer Rod. Her emotionally driven story leads her to an aristocratic city designed by "the conductor" who aims to bury the world with solidifying rain.


Built to test my compositional and visual storytelling skill alongside helping to develop a new 2.5D technique, each illustration documents a significant landmark in the story of her upbringing. Developed with extensive planning, each is carefully constructed to fit into a multilayered image plane scene within Blender 2.8. The collection of images acts as a basis on which I plan to expand on in the future. It also provided me with a concrete map of my complete development process from start to finish, which I can use to more carefully map timelines for future work. (Created during my final semester at UniSA)

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects & Blender

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