Ramen Stand


Headspace explores the stories of various characters amidst the Australian bushfires, COVID-19, and BLM protests. Each figure sits atop a stool in a dark room representative of their mental state. Dreams and reflections surrounding their individual experiences rotate around the composition leaving the viewer interpret and explore.

Living in a state with no COVID and little exposure to the events of 2020, I wanted to research and develop a stronger understanding of these situations. I took the collective study of each and wrote a storyline behind a nameless character, mixing elements from stories I read throughout the year. My goal was that the illustrations would provide people unaware of the severity of these events with a window into the struggles these people experience on a daily basis. 

Utilising VR to develop props at different angles and blender to organise my completed models, I built a 2.5D animation of each in a rotational motion. I presented these final designs as a looping video. (Created during my final semester at UniSA).

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects & Blender

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